About this publication


Exploring Race is a publication that provides students of colour at UChicago with public space for their voices to be heard. It primarily publishes stories about the personal and day-to-day experiences that PoC students have with race on campus, and in this way, highlights the fact that these experiences exist, that they are common, and that they have a significant impact on students, amongst others.


Who we are


This website was started in Spring 2018 by group of undergraduates at the University of Chicago.


We started this website because we believe that at this university, race is rarely openly discussed in terms of personal experience, in the public sphere.  Many aspects of race are not openly addressed, partly because people often don’t know how to address them, or because they are dismissed as unimportant. With this website, we aim to show how and why these aspects matter, and more broadly, to learn more effective ways to talk about race.

How this publication works

Personal stories

Our primary function is to publish stories written by students at UChicago: these are stories about any sort of personal experience that students have had with race on campus. Go to our "Submit" page to learn more about how to submit a story. You do not need previous writing experience to submit- our editors will work with you along the way!

Questions and Answers

To address the "smaller", shorter questions that students have about race, we have created a separate "Question and Answer" function.


We will run a constant collection of your questions on race here. Each week, we will choose the most thought provoking question and publish it on our "Current submissions" page for you to read. 


You will be able to submit answers here. Selected answers will be published on our Current submissions page, along with the Question of the Week.

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