Submitting to Exploring Race

Exploring Race aims to uplift the experiences of BIPoC students by publishing their stories. Furthermore, we seek to create a critical, radical, and anti-racist framework for a discussion about race and identity.

If you would like to be a contributor, we welcome your submissions, in any form, whether it be written, drawn, or otherwise.

Exploring Race reserves the right to publish submitted pieces at our own discretion. We will only consider writers and pieces that align with our Identity Politics. As such, pieces on Exploring Race should not be written as an appeal to whiteness or other oppressive frameworks. Contributors and pieces should show demonstrated interest in an active and ongoing discussion of race. 

All pieces submitted will be edited with the intention of making the piece as best as possible. Contributors should be ready to make changes when necessary and open to collaborating with editors. 

Submission Requirements

Your pitch should outline the experience that you want to describe, and explain why you are writing, drawing, etc about it.


It should include:

  • The main point of your piece (this can be an argument, or a personal experience with a broader main message)

  • Your "reasons"- if you are writing about a personal experience, how did this experience make you feel and why does it matter to you? 

We will get back to once you we have reviewed your pitch. If your piece is chosen, an editor will be assigned to work with you along the way. 

Currently accepting submissions!
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A alternative newspaper run by and for students of color at the University of Chicago. 

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