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Who we are


Founded in 2017, Exploring Race is an online magazine that is run by undergraduates at the University of Chicago.


 What we do


We publish stories written by students at UChicago, about their day-to-day experiences with race on campus.



Why are we doing this?


UChicago must become more equitable and accessible for underrepresented students. 

The university has been historically unwelcoming to minority groups. It was founded using money from a slave plantation, and has supported racially divisive initiatives on South Side Chicago. (Click here to read about UChicago’s history)


A recent survey showed that substantial numbers of minority students see UChicago’s campus as racist. These students experience discrimination in ways that make it harder to fulfill coursework, to learn, and to be a student.

We want to uplift the voices of PoC students at UChicago. By publishing their stories about race on campus, we hope to bring greater transparency to these experiences. Presenting these stories as a collection highlights their commonalities- and show that they can be the result of racist institutionalised university practices that need to be dealt with. 


We also want to create a framework for widespread communication that allows for the participation of white students, and allows for a critical analysis of whiteness that is in line with the current literature and research on critical race theory.


We firmly believe that identity is not a prop for politics -- meaning that students from all backgrounds need to engage in this type of conversation. This widespread communication is what we hope to facilitate. 

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